Tuesday January 16, 2018

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Tape Backup Drive Services

Tape backup drive services

Tape Backup Drive Repair and Refurbish · Tape drive and library Rentals · Free Technical support · Warranty management · Tape Backup Drive Asset Recovery · Asset maximization · Advance Exchange · DLT repair · DLT Tape re-certification · End of life programs · Logistics management · On-site tape backup drive repair and installation

Pinetree is a forerunner in the repair and refurbishment of many OEM's products and peripherals, including Quantum®, Storagetek®, ADIC®, and IBM®. Our manufacturing, engineering, and procurement resources allow us to provide innovative, cost effective solutions to our expanding customer base, with their diverse needs. Pinetree has evolved into a multi-vendor service supplier, supporting tape drives, library assemblies, printed circuit boards, power supplies and more. Our infrastructure will provide you with quality data collection/reporting, inventory management, logistics management, warranty management, and a wide range of support services ready to serve you, our customer.

DLT Tape Re-certification

Pinetree's DLT tape re-certification program is really taking off. During this process we will de-gauss (erase) your tape, clean and re-tension it from front to back and check the entire surface of the tape for errors. (not the errors you see on your screen but the true error count right off the head itself) When you get the tape back it will be completely cleaned and re-tested and ready for use. As a matter of fact it will look like a brand new tape to your tape drive. We do all this for about 1/3rd the cost of a new tape. And you only pay for the tapes that can be re-certified. All rejected tapes are returned to you at no charge, other than shipping. How can you lose? You either get a usable tape at 1/3rd the cost of new or pay nothing. Give us a call and let us tell you more

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