Tuesday January 16, 2018

Fujitsu Products Sold & Serviced by Pinetree

Fujitsu Tape Drives and Tape Libraries

Fujitsu’s combination of easy data interchange and superior reliability make Fujitsu a world leader in reliable and flexible tape cartridge storage systems. These 3480/3490/3590 IBM-compatible drives offer optimal speed and efficiency when moving, storing, or accessing large, high-volume blocks of data.

Extending the life for our customer's Fujitsu tape backup drives and libraries is our mission. Pinetree Peripherals can help you improve your bottom line, by allowing you to keep those end of life units, up and running. There is nothing like a bit of peace of mind, knowing your data is being protected by reliable and long-lasting disaster recovery methods.
Our tape drive repair and tape library repair services are a cost-effective means to keep what you have and protect your backup infrastructure investment.

We can provide:
  • Replacement parts
  • New and Refurbished unit sales
  • LTO, DLT, AIT and 9840 tape backup drive replacement units and repairs
  • Onsite maintenance (Continental US Only)
  • Depot Repair
  • Advance Exchange
  • 180 day warranty on all tape backup drive and library repairs and parts
Fujitsu Repair and Sales Services Availability Information at a Glance.
Model Sales Exchange Repair Parts Contracts ONSITE T&M
M2481 Yes No Yes Yes No No
M2483 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
M2485 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
M2488 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes