Tuesday January 16, 2018

Sun StorEdge (Sun Storage) -- StorageTek (STK)
provided by Oracle America

Protecting your data from the unexpected

Storagetek STK Tape Backup Drive Products StorageTek STK 9914 Tape Drive StorageTek DLT1 Sun StorageTek (STK) LTO L20 Tape Library Sun StorageTek (STK) LTO L40 Tape Library

Protecting mission-critical data is an important element of building a data continuance environment. Pinetree can help you build effective backup, archive, and disaster recovery solutions with high-quality Sun StorEdge data protection products and customized professional services.

Sun StorEdge tape drive solutions FIT your business

Oracle America's tape backup drive and library portfolio offers many tiers of storage. These tape products, introduced by SUN and STK scale perfectly to fit your business, regardless of size.

Pinetree offers these services for tape library technology based on Sun's portfolio of: DLT, SDLT, LTO, AIT or 9840 tape backup drives, as well as 9, 18, and 36 track drives, including the L20, L40, L80, L180 and L700(e) tape libraries.

Sun Storage (StorEdge) Tape Backup drives and Libraries StorageTek STK 9940 Tape Drive StorageTek STK SDLT 600 Sun StorEdge STK LTO L700 Tape Library Storagetek STK 9714 Tape library


Covering your ASSETS, one bit at a time

Digital data, whether it be customer records or inventory, is the lifeblood of your business today. The notion that data is kept on reams of paper and crammed into warehouses full of cardboard boxes, is no longer viable. In this today's business environment, your data center is the HEART of your company. When disaster strikes you expect to quickly and efficiently restore your data infrastructure, minimizing interruptions for your personnel, suppliers, vendors, partners, investors, and customers.
Your best defense against all forms of downtime is to adopt policies and practices that protect your digital assets and ensure your competitive advantage with the ability to recover quickly with minimal disruption to critical business operations. The Sun StorEdge family of backup and restore solutions provides you with an efficient, reliable and cost-effective way to back up and protect enterprise data.

YOUR tape backup data is only as good as the drives you use

By storing your data on tape, you can expect it to be there when you need it. The success or failure of storing and recalling data depends on the reliability of your tape backup drives and libraries. Oracle America's StorageTek (STK) subsidiary is number ONE in overall quality in enterprise and mid-range tape backup solution providers and is number ONE in reliability (Storage Magazine/Diogenes Lab 2009 Quality Awards). Oracle - Sun - StorageTek tape backup drives and libraries, provide fast data transfer and large capacity. This results in an economical and high-performance tape drive based data backup solution, that delivers an excellent value, protecting your bottom line as well as your mission-critical data.